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Textmining Friends: S1 E5 - The One with Valence, Arousal, and Dominance [Work in Progress]

We find out which are the most positive, arousing, and dominant words in *Friends*!

Textmining Friends: S1 E4 - The One with the TF-IDF's

We find out which are the most 'defining' words in *Friends*!

Textmining Friends: S1 E3 - The One with the Sentiment Analysis

We do a sentiment analysis of *Friends*!.

Textmining Friends: S1 E2 - The One with the Most Frequent Words

We're looking at the most frequent words in *Friends*!

Textmining Friends: S1 E1 - The One with all the Import and Cleanup

We import and clean up *Friends* scripts to prepare them for text mining.

A Short Introduction to R's sprintf() Function

This is a short intro to R’s sprintf() function as presented at an R Reading Group meeting at the Department of Linguistics at the University of Alberta. As it is very useful to either create strings from variables, or to change the name of a range of objects into uniform format, we thought it might be useful to have a closer look at it. Note: The code below and in the corresponding PDF file is from mid-2015; be sure to try it out on test data, or in a directory where you can’t do any harm.