The Master’s Program in Linguistics and Web Technology and its Importance to Linguistics as an Interdisciplinary (and International) Field.


Honouring the contributions of Prof. Dr. Jürgen Handke from an academic, but also personal, angle, this essay highlights and discusses the importance of interdisciplinary graduate degrees - such as the Master’s program in Linguistics and Web Technology at the University of Marburg - to the field of linguistics in general, and to the training of interdisciplinary scholars in particular. The Online Master’s program in Web Development and Linguistics is briefly discussed as well, in the context of international distance learning and the elimination of barriers to higher education in general, and to graduate programs in particular.

Pioniergeist, Ausdauer, Leidenschaft. Festschrift zu Ehren von Prof. Dr. Jürgen Handke. Zeaiter, S. and Franke, P. (Eds.)