Dark Forces in Language Comprehension: The Case of Neuroticism and Disgust in a Pupillometry Study

We report on a pupillometry study that investigated the influence of two extra-linguistic variables, namely Neuroticism and Disgust Sensitivity, on auditory language comprehension. Results suggest that: (1) Language comprehension is influenced by extra-linguistic variables and individual differences; (2) the processing of different kinds of linguistic errors, as opposed to clashes with an individual’s value or belief system, are influenced by different extra-linguistic variables; and that (3) Disgust Sensitivity at least partially predicts pupillary responses to utterances clashing with an individual’s belief system.

Training & Quality Assessment of an OCR Model for Northern Haida

We are presenting our work on the creation of the first optical character recognition (OCR) model for Northern Haida, also known as Masset or Xaad Kil, a nearly extinct First Nations language spoken in the Haida Gwaii archipelago in British Columbia, Canada, addressing challenges of training an OCR model for a language with an extensive, non-standard Latin character set. Our work adds to a growing body of research on OCR for particularly challenging character sets, and contributes to creating the largest electronic corpus for this severely endangered language.