How to Deploy your Hugo Academic Website on GitHub

A quick gist on how to deploy your GitHub-hosted Hugo Academic webpage when the public directory (i.e. the deployed website) is a …

Textmining Friends: S1 E4 - The One with the TF-IDF's

We find out which are the most ‘defining’ words in Friends!

Textmining Friends: S1 E3 - The One with the Sentiment Analysis

We do a sentiment analysis of Friends!.

Textmining Friends: S1 E2 - The One with the Most Frequent Words

We’re looking at the most frequent words in Friends!

Textmining Friends: S1 E1 - The One with all the Import and Cleanup

We import and clean up Friends scripts to prepare them for text mining.

GetTimePoints Praat Script

This praat script loops through all Sound and TextGrid files in a directory, opens each pair of Sound and TextGrid, gets the duration …

A Short Introduction to R's sprintf() Function

This is a short intro to R’s sprintf() function as presented at an R Reading Group meeting at the Department of Linguistics at the …