Isabell Hubert Lyall

Post-Doctoral Fellow & Instructor

University of Alberta

Hello there!

I am currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Centre for Comparative Psycholinguistics at the University of Alberta, doing research at the intersection of extra-linguistic information and language comprehension with Dr. Juhani Järvikivi, and an Instructor, teaching LING 523 - Introduction to Statistical Analysis of Linguistic Data using R.

In January 2021, I will join Improbable as a Game Intelligence Analyst, crunching numbers & visualizing data to improve gameplay.

I am also the Vice-Chair of the Edmonton Transit Service Advisory Board (ETSAB), which does research and writes reports to advise City Council on transit-related matters.


  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Extra-linguistic information & individual differences


  • Ph.D., Experimental Psycholinguistics, 2019

    University of Alberta

  • MA, Linguistics & Web Technology, 2014

    Marburg University


Data Analysis




Recent Work Experience


Game Intelligence Analyst


Jan 2021 – Present Edmonton, AB
I get to crunch and visualize numbers to help game devs improve the gameplay experience.


University of Alberta

Sep 2020 – Dec 2020 Edmonton, AB
I am teaching LING 523, Introduction to Statistical Analysis of Linguistic Data Using R, in a remote fashion. The course provides students with theoretical and practical skills to analyze data in R.

Post-Doctoral Fellow

University of Alberta

Jan 2020 – Dec 2020 Edmonton, AB
I work in experimental psycholinguistics, researching individual differences & extra-linguistic information in language comprehension with Dr. Juhani Järvikivi.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

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Dark Forces in Language Comprehension - The Case of Neuroticism and Disgust in a Pupillometry Study

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